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We offer you more than 150 different
product opportunities

From to-go beverages to take-home meals

With more than 150 different recipes you find a huge selection of convenience food and beverage products.

All products are combined by specially selected ingredients composed in the best and most tasteful combinations.

In our selection, you will find both mainstream products, which are all-time favorites for a wide target group, and more edgy products to give your assortment new value.

Common for all our products are that they are specially designed to fit a wide range of different consumer types to secure a relevant assortment that fits the evolving market needs.

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Cold pressed or long shelf life?

Shots, juices, smoothies, lemonades etc – we have a huge selection of cold pressed beverages ready to drink.

The uniqueness of our beverages is that they are made with juice and puree directly cold pressed from fruit, roots, and vegetables and then High Pressure Processing treated (HPP) to keep the best taste and benefits from our quality raw materials.

We highly value our production methods because it gives a real taste, colour, and nourishment to our beverages - which you can clearly taste and see.

If you wish to have products with longer shelf-life, than what is possible with cold pressed and HPP products? Please contact us to hear more.

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Fresh salads to-go or meals to take-home?

With a wide selection of convenience food, we offer you products that fits your target group’s different needs throughout the day.

From early morning, where the consumer needs an easy and quick breakfast solution on-the-go - at lunch where the consumer wish to have a nourishing and filling meal - and again in the afternoon or evening where a take-home salad or pre-prepared meal is an easy, tasty, and time-saving choice for dinner.

Common for all our food products is that they contain specially selected fresh ingredients and therefore are sold chilled. Some are “ready to eat” and others are “easy to heat”.

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Beverage categories


Shots are usually sold in 60 ml bottles and contains good and strong tastes due to the high amount of for example ginger.

New recipes are often based on an extra functionality – e.g. in form of collagen.


Cold pressed juices are characterized by their great taste, natural colours, and their source of vitamins.

Choose between simple recipes like 100% orange juice or more advanced juices with cucumber and spinach.


A good balance between cold pressed juice and puree creates delicious smoothies for indulgence and nourishment.

The assortment includes favourites like strawberry banana smoothie or the more complex smoothies with a high amount of avocado as an example.


Refreshing lemonades containing water and cold pressed juice from fruit and vegetables.

Available with ginger, lemon, and
spirulina, among others.

Veggie boosters

One of our newest categories are veggie boosters. Available in 120 ml bottles with a high content of vegetables.

One veggie booster equals 1 out of your recommended 6 daily greens.


We source specially selected raw materials – also organic!

Contact us if you want to hear more about our selection of organic products.

Food categories


Our popular skyr-yoghurt and porridge products are not only great for breakfast - they are also perfect for a snack on-the-go.


Create a range of mainstream products the consumer knows and loves – helping the consumer making a safe choice.

Satisfy the consumer with tasty meals on-the-go.

Super food

Consumers have increasingly higher demands to their meals – also when they are on-the-go.

Thus, we have developed a wide range of different salads and ready to eat meals with a higher amount of vegetables and super foods.

Take home

From shareable salads to sauces and garniture as side dishes – all perfect and easy as an add-on to your home dinner.


Prepare a hot meal in only 5 minutes.

We have developed a range of different pre-prepared meals inspired by recipes from around the world such as Thailand and Italy.


We also deliver meals made with organic ingredients – so if you have specific wishes to organic to-go or take-home meals, please contact us and hear more.

Did you not find what you
were looking for?

In cooperation with our Innovation Lab we can develop new products

A part of our team are experts in research and development of both convenience food and beverage products. So, if your vision is to develop new food and beverage concepts for your consumers, please contact us and hear more.